One of the most fun I've had during my time working on SNL. Here are Some seen and unseen graphics created for this post-apocAlyptic take on the popular franchise

Covid Commercial

Type Animation

Post Team making OUR debut on SNL!

House of the dragon
A Christmas Epiphany

Worked with Dan Blaushild on the Design of the intro title card

barely seen period Christmas Banner

A Christmas carol

Designed a backdrop with the help of Leigh McG

Black Lotus

black lotus logo design

end card design/animation

Big Boys

Composited the large backdrop used in the set

Wing Pit

quick composite. Logo design by Marissa sher

designed and animated the type treatments based off marissa's logo designs


Oversaw Creative direction. Animation by Mauricio Villa

Character Animation by Danny Behar

Please don't destroy - Road Trip

Co-Designed with Julie Ivers, Compositing by milton ladd

Horror Trailer

Type Design and Animation

Jake from State Farm

A small detail we put in to add an extra layer of depth- as the sketch progresses, the type matches Jake's unhinged nature to help build up the suspense.

Recreated the liberty mutual end card w/ our own scripted tagline

Musical Promo

poster designed by Dan Blaushild

reformatTed and animated dan's poster as an end card

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