Keith Endow is a Graphic and Motion Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. With a passion for visual storytelling, Keith has left a mark on the film and television industry, contributing his creative expertise to various New York-based productions. Notably, his work on Saturday Night Live earned him recognition by the Primetime Emmy Awards.
As a proud member of IATSE USA Local 829, Keith brings professionalism and versatility to his craft. He has a keen eye for detail and an understanding of effective visual communication.
Specializing in captivating design and dynamic motion, Keith's signature style brings life and impact to every project he animates. His work in the Art Department and expertise in designing and animating for Post and Playback reflects his commitment to excellence across various creative properties.
Collaborative by nature, Keith has had the privilege of working with prominent individuals and brands, broadening his artistic horizons and contributing to diverse projects.
Driven by a constant desire to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, Keith continues to inspire and leave a lasting impression on the art and entertainment world.
Living in New York City for a little over a decade, Keith has worked in motion design studios and is currently working with various film and television studios. His work spans across advertisements, title sequences, network branding packages, promos, and live events/experiences.
Keith has had the privilege to work with iconic films and tv shows such as Netflix's Maniac, Amazon's Hunters, and more recently, on NBC's Saturday Night Live.
For Inquiry to my availability on union-related projects, please feel free to reach out to me below.
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