3 Sad Virgins Ft. Taylor Swift

Composited the giant backdrop for the dune world as well as designing the 3 Sad Virgins marquee light.

Simu and Bowen

Had a ton of fun writing up the details on the filler/ND awards in Bowen's dressing room set. Not meant to be read/hero.


Designed/Animated Sing-A-Long Type treatment

Tackled animation and text design with the help of Marissa Sher and Leigh McG.

Man Park

Designed and animated the Man Park graphics package

The Christmas Socks

Designed/Animated the festive endcard

TikTok ft. Billie Eilish
Composited Photo
Composited Photo
Food and Youtube ft. Lizzo

Designed/animated the sketch's Type Treatment

working along with Ally Nesmith and Marissa Sher in churning out tons of fake Youtube thumbnails used throughout the sketch.

Inventor Documentary

Hero Gag Product Boxes. Whoopie Cushion illustration by Dan Blauschild.

Electric Gum billboard ad 

Lonely Christmas
Backdrop composite with treatment by VFX Artist, Jason Dorris
Walking in Staten

Had fun turning McDonald's into a strip club. Mainly Photoshop with some built assets in Cinema 4D.

An Evening with pete
Designed and spec'd various props and signs
The Problem
Graphics package design & animation
Pet Store Ad
Lower Third
Lower Third
Logo Animation - Designed by Leigh McG
Logo Animation - Designed by Leigh McG
Billionaire Star Trek

Designed the numerous "Panels" in the command bridge set as well as the Trek-ified Amazon logo.


Designed/animated the lyric text as well as animated, with Sam Caudill's help, the "Catch his ass recipe" rainbow.


Designed and animated the Mellen graphics package

Squid Game
Worked with Hudson Meredith and Chan Lin to get this wall set up for fabrication. Sadly, the clouds didn't make the sketch
Please Don't Destroy - Three Normal Goths
Photo composites
Marriage Story

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